60 Seconds for ME!

Self-Care Strategies to Relax and Reset

in Less Than One Minute


If you are last on your own to do list, these daily emails with quick and easy self-care strategies are made just for you.


I’ve carefully created each message to help you relax and reset in less than one minute, even if you have

  • a job, 
  • a family, 
  • a house,
  • and no time left for you!      


Why 60 seconds? As I say in my logo, I believe that small change can spark incredible transformations. If you can spend 60 seconds at a time looking after yourself in different ways, it can gradually shift your attitude and behaviours so you can meet all your wellness goals.


If you find you are too busy for self-care, please join me in exploring quick and effective strategies that can help you begin to create more time for yourself.


I promise you’ll be able to do use most of these strategies while waiting for the bus, on your lunch break at work, while you hide in the bathroom to get a break from your kids, or while waiting to pick up kids at soccer practice.


Click below to get started! And then share this free program with another busy woman you know who could benefit from it. Why stop at sharing it with one, share it with them all.  We can all benefit from a little self-care.

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