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I hope you are finding the information and support you need on my site. While you are here, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself.  You can read my formal biography below, but here’s my more personal version:

I help women who are dealing with and emerging from burnout to have more energy and balance in their lives. I take information, do the research and find what food and supplements work to nourish the whole woman. I package information into manageable bits and I offer each client a custom lifestyle and nutrition profile that specifically suits her individual needs for lasting, sustainable change.

I’m passionate about this work because of the lessons I’ve learned from my journey through burnout. I see this as a way to support women using my training in holistic nutrition and adult education so they can blossom again.

Here’s what I want for you:

  • I want you to have the energy and time to play your with your children, to laugh with them and to celebrate as they grow.
  • I want you to love your partner and your family, or whoever you share your life with. I want you to enjoy your time together and to create your future together.
  • I want you to share your skills and knowledge through your work, volunteer or community involvement.
  • I want you to enjoy your hobbies, laugh with your friends, and follow your dreams. 
  • I want you to learn how to nourish your whole self, so you can have balance in all areas of your life.
  • I want you to listen to your inner voice that guides you to make the choices to have the wonderful life you dream of and deserve.
  • I want to share what I’ve learned and I want you to share what you learned with other women so that we can all learn together, and teach our daughters, the wisdom of self-care.

I hope I can help you through something I’ve included on my web site or through one of programs I offer to help women.  If you don’t see what you need, please contact me. Your questions help me develop new resources and services to help women.

Take care and be well!


Jenna Kelland, C.H.N.

Jenna Kelland is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant™, a Certified Food & Spirit Practioner™ and an adult educator with a PhD in education. Her interest in nutrition comes from her experience with her own health issues and helping her children to feel better through food choices. 

Through Spark Wellness, she provides information and support to clients in meeting their individual health and wellness goals through personalized gradual and sustainable changes in diet and lifestyle.

As a mom of three, Jenna is particularly interested in working with women to help them create balance and energy in their lives through health food choices because she believes these changes can help entire families. She also works with adults and children to identify and address food sensitivities.

Jenna believes that eating whole (unprocessed), locally sourced, organic food can help people feel better, lose weight and have more energy – and that making changes to improve what you eat can be easy, fun and delicious. 

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