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You may already know that I spend lots of my day learning about mental health issues, teaching people about mental health issues, supporting clients with mental health issues and living with them myself. But most of my work focuses on information – what is mental health? What strategies can you use to support mental health? What should you do if you are concerned someone is struggling?

I don’t spend much time really talking with people about their experiences.

So, I’m inviting women to share their experiences with mental health and wellness including anxiety, depression, PPD, stress and burnout.

Why stress? It’s not a mental illness? I include stress because I think that we use the word “stress” for lots of situations and feelings that contribute to our overall mental health. Feeling stressed or overwhelmed contributes to our overall sense of (or lack of) wellness physically and mentally.

By talking with women, I want to get a better understanding of how women understand mental health and wellness and what they feel they need to achieve optimal mental health in their situations. I’m not looking for the right answer, but I’m curious about the themes that might emerge.

I’m been dealing with my own journey towards mental wellness, and it can be a lonely experience. I feel I need to connect with other women. This could be an opportunity to make connections with other women and find others in similar situations. Maybe I’ll find other women like me. These conversations are also an opportunity for me to learn from other women how they understand wellness and what common experiences women may share. The things you see differently from me can help me reflect on my own approaches.

I may use what I learn in my business, Spark Wellness, and to help other women who are looking for ways to support mental wellness. But I won’t try to sell you anything. I promise. This is a conversation not a sales call! But the helper in me may find it hard not offer free resources or referrals if I think they could help you – and if you ask directly.

I will probably share the themes that emerge and my own reflections on the experience on my website or use them in my work.  But I will only share what you tell me in terms of themes (i.e. Many women in their twenties talked about….) or in terms of variety (i.e. Women talked about dealing with stress through different strategies:…)


What if I don’t have any mental health issues (or diagnosed mental health issues)?

I’d still like to talk. Understanding mental wellness is also important – what does it look like? what supports it?

I work with women around mental health. Can I sign up to talk with you? Can we work together?

 Yes, I’d love to talk. Maybe our conversation will lead to professional collaboration and/or sharing of resources which will benefit more women.

What if I don’t have mental health issues personally, but my kids or partner do?

Mental health affects individuals and families, so you also have a valued experience and story to share.

Can I share this information with others? 

Yes! Please share! 

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