Are you suffering from burnout, adrenal fatigue or exhaustion?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure what you need to feel better?

Are you ready to let go of exhaustion and to find ease?

Burnout – physical or emotional  – is increasingly common among women who are taking on multiple responsibilities like working, raising children, caring for aging parents, volunteering in their communities and being supportive spouses. On top of this, they feel pressure because of social media like Pinterest and Facebook that encourage constant comparisons with others.

If this sounds familiar, like my clients, you are feeling burnt out:

– You struggle with anxiety and/or depression.

– You can’t rely on your brain or your body. You sometimes wonder if you are going crazy.  

– You feel tired, discouraged and out of options.

exhaustion-photo– What used to bring you joy and energy now feels like a chore. You don’t want to hang out with your friends because it takes too much effort.

– You feel detached from your life, as if you are looking at your life from outside of it.

– People tell you look tired and stressed, which is true. You either aren’t sleeping well and when you wake up you still feel tired.

Truly, you are out of resources. You don’t have the energy to care for yourself, let alone your family and your work. Something has to give, and you don’t see how it can ever work out. You secretly want someone to take over your life and make the decisions for a while so you can escape, just for long enough for you to rest and to feel better.

Are you ready for change?

Do you want to have energy and joy?

Are you committed to being the best you can be?

You dream of feeling whole and complete again.

You imagine being an attentive mother, a loving spouse and a capable worker. 

You care and feel deeply about the things that matter most to you, and you are committed to being the best you can be.

You have an inner knowingness that things can be different, if you just get the right help. You know things have to change, and you can’t put that off anymore. Maybe, you’ve hit rock bottom and you are ready to start getting better.

You’re pretty sure they will be big, dramatic, drastic changes to ever get your life back the way you want, but that’s terrifying. When you have so little energy and motivation left, how can you even think about taking on something new, even if you know it will make you feel better? 

You’ve tried the sugar-free challenge, the meditation challenge and the juicing detox program, but you haven’t had the results you wanted. Each challenge put more pressure on you and left you feeling even less capable of meeting your goals. All of this which leaves you feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start.

You don’t have any extra energy or motivation right now. You need simple, clear steps to feel better and get your life back.

You believe that if you just have the right steps, you can get better. You need someone to lead the way, someone who understands how you feel and who can show you the path.

Are you ready to have energy and joy in your life?

Do you want individualized support to reach your goals?

Are you looking for help from someone with training and experience?

Are you ready for make simple, sustainable changes?

Rather than spending months figuring out what to do by trial and error, let me help. Using my personal experience, and my training as a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant™ and a Food & Spirit Practitioner™.

I can help you find clarity and identify the steps to create balance in all aspects of your life, including physical and mental health.

I believe in gradual sustainable change through action. This means, you’ll make little changes that will lead to transformation. It will be gradual and manageable – not overwhelming. With your input, I will:

–  develop a plan to make changes that reflect your priorities, your needs, your family, and your preferencesI promise I won’t make you give up coffee or chocolate or make you eat kale, unless you see that it might help.

support you in implementing that plan

work at your pace in an environment with no judgement, no pressure and no guilt

be available for questions and encouragement

check in regularly to help you stay on track and to make adjustments

Together, our goals will be to:

– nourish your whole body and your whole self so you have the energy, motivation, capacity to change

– find balance physically, mentally and emotionally so you can get back to your life

– find the right answers for you, so you can make lasting changes

Jenna is knowledgeable about how making good food choices can impact your wellness. I’d recommend her services to friends who are concerned about how food choices can affect their sense of well-being.

She assessed the supplements that I was taking and made suggestions about how they could be more helpful for me.

She also did a grocery store tour with me to help identify gluten-free foods I could eat instead of the foods I was eating now. She made the overwhelming information clear and easy to understand.


Jenna headshot 2

My story

I’ve been where you are – or at least somewhere similar – and I can help you get your life back! I was working full-time, going to school, volunteering in several places, being a mom and wife. I was a perfectionist and I thrived on adrenaline. Then suddenly, I couldn’t push through anymore.

I started having panic attacks that got worse and worse. I got anxious being around people – the only people who helped to ground me were my children but being with them took more energy than I had.

Eventually I quit my job, stayed at home in my house for months, and avoid people. I cried as I missed my kids Christmas concerts and birthday parties. I spent my days in bed trying to stay warm, safe and to find the energy to be there for my kids for a few hours each afternoon.

I lost my sense of self, my self-esteem, and my sense of control over my life. I avoid answering the phone and the door. I felt trapped and scared and overwhelmed, but most of all I felt I had no control. I couldn’t count on my body or my mind to provide an stability to make changes.

I slowly made progress. Although I was resistant, I started taking medication – I had to set reminders on my phone to be sure I took my pills on time because I couldn’t count on my memory.

I started with the smallest acts of self-care, which were really the survival strategies I used as anchors. I committed to brushing my teeth, to going outside (even just to get the mail) and to taking my vitamins every day. 

As I developed those habits, I drew on my training in holistic nutrition I slowly added more self-care strategies – yoga, meditation, nutrient dense and nourishing food, supplements to support the brain and produce neurotransmitters, breathing exercises, affirmations, journaling, relaxation, and more.

I finally started to feel I had some control. My energy level improved and one day I felt like I could walk to the end of the block. This was a major step, literally and symbolically. With time, I was walking around the blog and then around two blocks. Eventually I could walk to the bus stop with my kids.

Now, I’m feeling a hundred times better than I did. I’m finding joy and playfulness in my life. I’ve found new hobbies. I’m there for my kids. I have control of my emotions and a plan for my future. I put myself first, and I know when to say no. I feel grounded and energized from inside. I have my life back, and my decisions are all about what I want and need, not about doing or being everything for everyone.

Can I help you get your life back?

Are you looking for an effective approach?

Do you want support integrates mind, body and spirit? 

Are you looking for someone who has time to listen to you?

My work will complement the support you get from your doctor, counsellor/psychologist/psychiatrist, and other helpers.

I have time to listen to all your concerns.

– My work is focused and targeted so you don’t waste time, money or energy.

– I’ll take the time to explain to you how different body systems work and why a particular strategy will be effective, if you want to know.

I looking at your whole self (body, mind, spirit) when developing a plan. My holistic approach integrates multiple elements to lead to changes in habits and behaviours.

– I consider diet, stress management, sleep, exercise, hydration, mindfulness and wellness strategies – basically all the different approaches that can help you feel better.

I look at your whole body and all systems (digestions, thyroid, adrenals, hormones, immune, etc.) Did you know that having good digestion is essential to mental health?

I consider what works for you and how the changes you make will impact your family.

– I look at the big picture including how changes will impact you and your family.

– I know about working with kids and family to make changes that work for everyone.

– I consider what works for you. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Do you like to cook or do you need simple to prep meals? What makes you feel relaxed and what just creates more stress?

My approach is different from other professionals because of my training and experience.

– I have training in different approaches and I bring them all together. My experience includes teaching adults, holistic nutrition, digestion and Food & Spirit™, plus hours of reading and exploring related topics outside of formal training.

– I have lots of experiences helping people identify and avoiding food sensitivities.

– I’ve worked with clients and experimented myself with different diets from vegetarian to Paleo to ketogenic. I don’t believe there is a “right” way that will work for everyone, so I’ll help you find what will work for you.

– I’ve been through burnout, and I tend to use myself as a guinea pig. I usually only recommend things I have tried so I know what to expect. When I suggest something I haven’t used myself, I make sure I’ve done lots of research to be sure it can help you.


My customized solutions may include the following, depending on your need:

* food and diet recommendations

* exercise suggestions

* supplement recommendations

* journaling or reflective activities

* mindfulness activities

* time management suggestions

* meal planning and preparation strategies

* sleep suggestion

With my support you can nourish your mind, body and spirit to create the life you want.

If you are ready to emerge from burnout and have joy in your life again, to have clarity and support to take the steps you need to feel healthy, have energy to engage fully in your life, and embrace your life then Emerging From Burnout is exactly what you want. I’m offering two program options to help you meet your goals: Sweet and Simple or VIP.

If you feel you want additional support including unlimited email access, two more appointments in the first month to create a strong start, and content delivered in the formats that are most useful to you plus extra bonuses to help you see progress more quickly and to have even more support to reach your goals more quickly and with more motivation, then the VIP package has what you need.

Sweet and Simple Package

(3 months of customized support)

$997 or monthly payment plan of $382/month for 3 months

The Sweet and Simple package includes the information and resources you need to have more energy and balance in your life. You’ll have the following customized supports:

  • Thorough assessment including intake interview, online Nutri-Q assessment, and holistic assessment forms
  • Initial consultation (90 -120 minutes)
  • Customized recommendations for diet, supplements, and lifestyle (mind, body, spirit) for each session
  • 6 bi-weekly follow up appointments (30-45 minutes)
  • Weekly email check ins
  • Facebook support group
  • Referrals to programs and services that I know and trust, and that align with my approach that can support you in reaching your goals
  • Links to where to get items online (may depend on location/availability) – local clients will also get a list of stores and places to shop
  • Medication analysis to see what deficiencies may be caused by your prescription medication, and nutritional and supplement recommendations to address these deficiencies
  • Recipe recommendations to meet your needs (family friendly, quick to prepare, whole foods, allergens)


VIP Package

(4 months of customized support)

$1,497 or monthly payment of $430/month for 4 months

The VIP package includes extra support and bonuses to help you reach your goals. 

You’ll receive everything in the Sweet and Simple plus the following additional supports: 

  • Follow up appointments every week for the first month in the first month to be sure you get a great start, then 6 bi-weekly follow up appointments (30-45 minutes each)
  • Unlimited email access
  • Content delivered in customized formats that work for you (written, video/audio, online apps, printouts)

Premium Program Bonuses:

  • Pantry clean out (Skype or in person)
  • 1 extra vacation/holiday/travel strategy session
  • 30 item grocery list consultation (virtual or in person)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you provide personalized services to each client? How many clients do you work with at a time?

I only work with a limited number of clients at a time so I can you the individual, personalized support you need. If my client spaces are full, you can add your name to the waitlist. I don’t expect to have any openings again until 2017 and the first choice of spaces will go to people on the waitlist.

What if this doesn’t work for me? Do you offer a guarantee?

I’m confident that I can support to work towards your wellness goals for two reasons:

1. To ensure this relationship is a fit for you and me, after you apply we will talk me by phone/Skype to ensure you have all the information to make a decision, and that I have the skills and resources necessary to help you. If your needs don’t fit what I’m offering here, I’ll recommend other ways of reaching your goals.

2. By working as a team, with open, ongoing communication, we can adjust our strategies to ensure they are effective and appropriate for you.

If after you attend all of our phone/Skype sessions, implement the strategies we discuss or come back to the session ready to make adjustments, and are an active participant in the Emerging From Burnout program and you haven’t made progress towards your wellness goals by the end of the program, I will commit to working with you for another month free of charge. If you still haven’t seen progress at that point, I will refund your money.

Are you ready to have energy and joy in your life?

Apply to the Emerging from Burnout program. There are a limited number of spaces available in the program to ensure that I can give each client the personalized support she needs to meet her goals.

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