Eliminate Your Meal Planning Stress, 

 While Saving Time and Money!


Stop standing in front of the open fridge
asking yourself “What’s for dinner!?”


My clients always say they want to eat better,
but they are just too busy to cook at home every day.

Like you, they understand that eating less processed food
and less fast food is important for their health and wellness.

And, they still find themselves overwhelmed by where to start
and how to ensure there are always healthy options available,
especially at the end of the day when they are feeling tired and hungry.

Does this sound familiar?

Are you: 

  • Tired of the pre-dinner chaos as you try to throw together a healthy-ish meal at the end of a long day? Do you ever find yourself rationalizing that ketchup or pizza sauce count as a vegetable?
  • Overwhelmed by managing kids who are melting down while you’re wondering how you’ll get them fed and survive until bed time?
  • Feeling crummy after you buy take-out instead of getting creative with the food you already have in the fridge? 

Do you want to:

  • Save time with grocery shopping and meal preparation?
  • Save money on groceries and reduce the amount of wasted food?
  • Eat healthier food and enjoy more variety?
  • Have control of your of what you eat and have less stress around making decisions about what to eat?
  • Know there is always something healthy ready for you?
  • Feel calmer in your evening so can enjoy time with your friends and family 

As a mother of three kids, I can understand the challenges of trying to make dinner at the end of the day, when I’m tired and hungry. I’ve had one kid looking for a snack, another demanding help with homework and another needing the password for the computer.

In the midst of that, it can be so easy to reach for a quick fix like mac’n’cheese, frozen pizza or take out. I’ve been desperate enough to serve cereal. I enjoy cooking, but I find it hard to come up with kid-friendly meals every day! Especially when my kids let me know don’t like what I serve.

As a nutrition coach, I learned that this isn’t the healthiest, most nutrient-dense meal, so I want to avoid this situation however I can. I’ve learned, through my training and personal experience, that taking time to plan meals and prep ingredients for the week means I feel calm, in control and confident I’m eating and feeding my kids healthier meals.

I now know that dinner time will calm and organized, even when we have activities before and after. We waste less food because we have a plan for leftovers. I know what to do when the unexpected happens, again! We can sit down and enjoy meals together.

I’ve created this program to help other busy women feel calm around meal planning so they can enjoy their time away from work with friends, family or hobbies, instead of figuring out what to prepare. I know that it is easier to learn from someone who has tried all the different strategies and found the ones that are the most efficient and produce the best results quickly. I’ve read about and tried different meal planning methods, different apps, and different programs. I’m compiling what I’ve learned to help you get control of the dinner hour!

The Stress-Less Meal Solution is your solution! 

With this program, you’ll get:

  • The support you need to identify your unique meal planning style, figure out the best leftover strategies for your family and choose the meal preparation approaches that work for you
  • Recipes and shopping lists for meals you’ll love
  • The reassurance that you’ll always have the food you need ready, and a back up plan if you need to adapt so you don’t have to eat take out again 
  • Strategies for planning and preparing meals in just a couple of hours a week, when it fits your schedule

The Stress-Less Meal Solution includes:

6 Weeks of Support to Plan and Prepare Meals
for You and Your Family 
($550 Value)***

 *** If you live locally, I’ll even come to your house
to help you with your first meal preparation session.

3 Customized Plan B Food Lists ($50 Value)

Meal Planning Templates ($25 Value)

3 Curated Recipe Collections ($75 value)

Plus, I’m adding an extra BONUS to help you get start right away

Meal Preparation on a Budget e-course bundle to help you get started (Value $99):

  1. Freezer cooking
  2. Meal Preparation Strategy
  3. Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Total value:  $799+ Your cost: $599

The first 3 people to register save an additional $100.

*** Only 1 spot left! ***

You pay only $499.

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