Do you want to take control of what you eat
so you can improve your mood and boost your energy?

Stop letting your cravings run your life
and leave you without motivation or energy.


My clients always say they want to have more energy and motivation. They want to stop feeling sad and worried and helpless. 

They know that what they eat affects their mood, but they’re stuck in a cycle of craving carbs, drinking coffee, snacking in the evening, and grabbing quick meals because they are tired and hungry

Does this sound familiar?

Are you: 

  • Are you tired of reaching for comfort food to boost your mood, which leaves you feeling sluggish and guilty about your choices?
  • Relying on caffeine and/or sugar to get you through the day? Do you need a nap after lunch because your meal leaves you feeling tired and unmotivated? 
  • Feeling powerless over what you eat because your cravings, stress, lack of energy, and busy schedule leave you grabbing the first think you see at meal times?

Do you want to:

  • Be free from cravings? 
  • Have all the energy you need to tackle your to do list? 
  • Feel energized and motivated to take action? 
  • Have a body that is resilient and able to respond to stress instead of shutting down? 
  • Get rid of your digestive troubles? 
  • Be in control of your own health? Starting today?

As a mother of three kids, stress and overwhelm are a part of many days! I understand the challenges of tackling an endless to do list, dealing with whatever crises comes up, and trying to look after myself – since I know self-care is essential to my wellbeing. 

In the midst of that, I know that I’ll do anything to avoid going back to the time in my life where my body was so depleted that I couldn’t control it or my thoughts. Having been through burnout and having to step away from everything in my life for months, motivates me to ensure I’m looking after myself physically and emotionally.

As a nutrition coach, I’ve learned that what I eat is an essential part of my wellness program. The foods I choose have a significant impact on how I feel, whether I’ve got the energy I need, and whether I can get through the day without wishing I could stop for a nap. 

Knowing that I’ve chosen foods that help to keep my mood and energy consistent – and how to include treats without disrupting the system – allows me to focus on what’s in front of me whether it is work, my business, my family or my goal of running a 5K race. I also know I’ve got the energy reserves I need to deal with the unexpected.

I’ve created this program to help other busy women feel in control of their energy and mood so they can pursue their passions.

The Good Mood Food Quick Start is your solution! 

With this program, you’ll get:

  •  The exact formula you need to create energy and mood boosting meals and snacks that include your favourites foods.
  • Strategies to include your favourite treats without feeling sluggish, guilty or gross.
  • Recipes and a meal plan for delicious mood and energy boosting foods.
  • A clear Wellness Plant to guide you in implementing sustainable changes that will produce proven results.

The Good Mood Food Quick Start includes:

3-Day Food Journal for Mood (3-DFJM),
with a coaching session (value $150)
with a Customized Wellness Plan (value $75)

A follow-up coaching session (value $75)

 Mood and Energy Boosting Meal Plan
(value $50)

 3 Curated Mood and Energy Boosting
 Recipe Collections (value $75)

Plus, I’m adding an extra BONUS to help you get start right away

Mindset Reset 7-day program (value: $55)

 15 Energy-Stabilizing Smoothies
e-book (value: $10)

 Mealgarden membership (value: $45)

 Whole Food Living Guide (value $35)

1-month free CALM app Premium Membership

    Total value:  $570+ Your cost: $247

    Register tonight and save an additional $50.

    You pay only $197.

    Frequently asked questions

    – Can I start right now? 

     Yes! You need to complete a 3-day Food Mood Journal (3DFMJ) before our first meeting. If you can remember what you’ve eaten today, that means you can book as soon as Saturday!

     – I’m going to be on holidays for the next while. I know I’ll be eating too many s’mores and drinking too much wine. Can I start later?

     Yes! You have 60 days to complete your appointments. That means you can book right up until the end of August.

     – I can’t find a time that works for me on your calendar.

     If this happens, email me. I have limited hours scheduled during the summer – I need holidays too – but, I might be able to make space. You can also check back at another time. I am always updating my calendar as my commitments change.

     – I know I’ll need more than two sessions to make any changes!

     Okay. Let’s see where we are after the two sessions. If you are open to making some first steps, I’m confident you’ll see some changes after just one session. If you need more support moving forward, we can talk about that during your appointment.

     – Do I need to buy any special foods from the health food or supplements?

     No! You can get started with some simple fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein. We’ll talk about what you like, what you don’t like and how to choose foods that will work for you. This will work for vegetarians, people with allergies, and people who eat gluten-free.

     – Do I need to give up my favourite foods?

     Probably not, but you might need to think about when and how often you eat them. I believe in sustainable changes, so that means there has to be room for fun foods. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure you can include your favourites and help you find some new favourites.

    Remember with the Good Mood Food Quick Start, you’ll get:

    • 3-Day Food Journal for Mood (3-DFJM) (to identify what you eat now)with a coaching session (value $150) (to create a customized plan to meet your goals)and a Customized Wellness Plan (value $75) (to guide you taking action).
    • A follow-up coaching session (value $75) (to adjust your plan so it works even better)
    •  Mood and Energy Boosting Meal Plan (value $50) and 3 Curated Mood and Energy Boosting Recipe Collections (value $75) (for ideas and inspiration).

    Plus, I’m adding an extra BONUS to help you get start right away

    Mindset Reset 7-day program (value: $55)

     15 Energy-Stabilizing Smoothies e-book (value: $10)

     Mealgarden membership (value: $45)

     Whole Food Living Guide (value $35)

    1-month free CALM app Premium Membership

      Total value:  $570+ Your cost: $247

      Register tonight and save an additional $50.

      You pay only $197.

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