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Past Episodes Since September 2019

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⭐️ Episode 1: Are you eating foods that will boost your mood? This episode includes 3 simple mood and energy boosting breakfast ideas.

⭐️ Episode 2: Why you should reduce sugar to improve your mood and energy

⭐️ Episode 3: Cravings!

Episode 4: Healthy Snacks – What makes a healthy snack? How can you prepare healthy snacks ahead of time? How do healthy snacks help you keep your energy up and support good mental health?

Episode 5: Emotions and digestion – 5 ways to calm your body for fewer digestive issues

Episode 6: What are probiotic foods? How do I choose probiotic foods?

Episode 7: Why is it so hard to change the way you eat? 

⭐️ Episode 8: How to get your kids to eat their vegetables

Episode 9: Easy ways to eat more vegetables. Today I share ways to make vegetables your first priority instead of an afterthought.

Episode 10: Eating well when you don’t feel well

Episode 11: 5 ways stress affects your gut bacteria

Episode 12: Why you don’t need to focus on your gut health all the time.

Episode 13: Can probiotics help your picky eater?

Episode 14: What to do when your feeling tired – like on the first day back at work after holidays

Episode 15: Coming soon

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