From Surviving to Thriving:

90 Day Mood and Energy Transformation

  • Are you feel overwhelmed by fatigue and unsure how to get control of your life? 
  • Do you struggle with cravings for sugar and caffeine that leave you feeling depleted and powerless?
  • Are you turning down time with your friends and skipping the things that make your life enjoyable because you have no energy or motivation?
  • Do you worry your kids are going to miss out because you just don’t feel like taking them to another playdate, party or soccer tournament? 

Sound familiar?

  • Do you wish you start each day confident you’ll have enough energy to get through your to do list, AND have time to play with your kids?
    Do you want to be free of mood swings and energy crashes? 
  • Do you want to have time for self-care – even on busy days?

If this sounds familiar, this program is just for you!

This is a powerful 3-month program that supports women struggling with anxiety, depression, stress and burnout to get control of their mood and feel energized and motivated.

This is perfect for you if you are experiencing anxiety, depression and/or burnout and you would like to find natural solutions to feeling better, boost your energy and experience a consistent mood so you have the motivation to do what you love.


In this program you will…

  • Get clarity on how what you eat affects your mood and energy
  • Learn how to integrate self-care into your daily routine so you can respond to the demands of your busy life
  • Identify supplements to help restore your mood and boost your energy
  • Boost your energy so you can take care of yourself and your family without feeling depleted, and have energy left to do the things you love
  • Finally understand the physiological reasons why you struggle with anxiety and/or depression
  • Feel like you can address the root causes of your anxiety or depression so you can be in control of your mood

How it works:

As my signature one-on-one offering, this program is very personal and we will work together closely as you balance your mood. Our first session will be 60-90 minutes, then we’ll  speak twice each month for 30-45 minutes. This system allows for continuity and accountability so you will be successful in getting control of your anxiety and depression so can look after yourself and your family, and have energy left to do what you want.

Using my 4 Point Holistic System, we’ll look at

  • Food and Mood 
  • Supplements for Mental Health
  • Resting, Relaxing and Restoring Energy Reserves
  • Making Healthy Eating Easier for the Whole Family with Meal Planning and Meal Preparation Strategies

All sessions are easily conducted over the phone or via Zoom. If you live in the Edmonton area area we can meet in-person if you prefer. You’ll also get email support between sessions.




Standard Program


Now only $997 (one payment)

or 3 payments of $366.

Please email me to set up payment and book your first appointment.



VIP Program

I know some people like a little support and little more help getting started.
That’s why I designed this VIP program. 

It includes everything in the standard program, plus a 1/2 day VIP experience
where we will take action in your kitchen by doing a pantry clean out,
planning and prepping meals or going shopping together.

This program also includes unlimited phone, email and text support. 



Now only $1497 plus GST (one payment)

or 3 payments of $549 plus GST.

Please email me to set up payment and book your first appointment.


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