Most people get their health info from online celebrities and actors. I’m not that person. You’ll never see me posing in a skimpy tank top holding a green juice or a dumbbell with a really forced smile. 

What you WILL see is a real-life mom of three who is multi-certified in nutrition and adult education, likely holding a notepad and a cup of tea.

I believe in incremental, sustainable change. This is NOT extreme makeover. You don’t have to give up the things you love…you just need to be aware of how things affect you and be willing to experiment. 

I want you to get to know your body and learn to listen to it so you can be in control of your health. There are lots of ways to work with me and get the support you need in getting you back to good health.

1:1 Coaching

Good Mood Food Quick-Start Package  

This 1-1 coaching package is designed to help you take control of what you eat to boost your mood and energy fast! 


  • 3-Day Food Journal for Mood  
  • Quick Start coaching session  
  • Customized Wellness Plan  
  • 1 Check-in coaching session  
  • Mood and Energy Boosting Meal Plan  
  • Customized Food and Mood Boosting Recipe Collections
  • Bonuses! 

How about a free nutrition call?

I offer a 20-minute clarity call to discuss your wellness goals. 

During this call we will clearly describe your main health or wellness goal, so you know where to focus your time and energy. Then, we will pinpoint the barriers that are preventing you from reaching that goal – usually they aren’t as big or scary as you imagine. 

I’ll help you Identify the resources and support you’ll need to meet your goals – and what you already have in place to support you!

You’ll leave the call feeling confident to take the next steps and with an understanding on how I can help you reach your goals using simple, practical strategies that won’t disrupt your life!

60 second mood boosters


Self Care Card Deck

for Moms on the go!


Simple ways to nourish your body and reduce stress.

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