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Title: 20 ways to serve carrots - with recipes includes picture of chopped, peeled carrots

20 Tasty Ways to Serve Carrots – With Recipes

People tell me they get bored preparing foods over and over in the same ways. To help you add some variety to your meals, I've collected carrot recipes for over 20 different ways to prepare and serve carrots. In fact, many of these carrot recipes don't even require...
Healthy Camping Food

Healthy Camping Food

Every summer, we spend a couple of weeks camping for our holidays. Eating healthy food while camping requires meal planning much more than at home. There isn’t easy access to a grocery store or a pantry of ingredients, so we need to plan ahead.  We have limited space,...
Get growing: 11 Reasons to join a CSA

11 Reasons to Join A CSA

Get Growing: 11 Reasons to Join a CSA Originally posted May 2018.  Updated May 2019. What is a CSA? CSA stands for Community Shared or Supported Agriculture. It is sometimes called a farm share program. This is a model of food production where a group of people...

Choose Local and Choose Organic

Find out why choosing organic and local foods is good for you and the environment, and when it is most important to choose organic. Identify which foods have the highest levels of pesticide residue and which are lower. Find out whether fresh, canned or frozen fruits...
Title: Sleep, mood and your gut bacteria.Picture of a woman who has fallen asleep on her desk with her head on an open book

Sleep, mood and gut bacteria

There are strong relationships between sleep, mood and gut bacteria. Sleep problems are closely related to mental health issues, stress and high cortisol.

Jenna Kelland is a holistic nutrition professional and adult educator. Her interest in nutrition comes from her experience with her own health issues and helping her three children to feel better through food choices. 

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