Nurtuting, Self-Care Ideas

Please review my post about how to create your self-care advent calendars for suggestions about how to use these ideas to create your own nurturing, holiday self-care routine.

1. Epsom salt and essential oils bath, bubble bath or a candlelight bath

2. Read your favourite book or a new book you’ve been wanting to start

3. Dream board or visioning the future

4. Chocolate or your favourite treat

5. Manicure/pedicure

6. Paint nails or nail stickers

7. Hand or foot massage

8. Foot spa or foot bath

9. Meditation

10. Relaxation exercise

11. Breathing exercises

12. Candles

13. Crafts or hobbies

14. Listen to music

15. Nap

16. Walk or take time in nature

17. Massage

18. Facial or a home facial

19. Girls night

20. Crystals

21. Yoga or stretching

22. Family game or puzzle night with partner, family or friends

23. Date night

24. New sheets and/or towels

25. Colouring book and crayons, mandala art

26. Crossword puzzles

27. Read a specialty magazine

28. Decadent dessert

29. Specialty coffee or a flavoured coffee or yummy creamer

30. Coffee shop with friends or a book

31. Cupcake treat

32. A cup of tea or a tea party

33. Pampering – face mask, hair mask, body scrub, hand or foot cream

34. Visualization

35. Dancing

36. Barefoot walks

37. Hair cut and colour

38. Aloe infused socks

39. Writing yourself a thank you letter or a self-compassion letter

40. Gratitude journal

41. Take a night off from your electronics, turn off your phone and computer

42. Buy movie theatre popcorn and bring it home to have with a Netflix movie

43. Take time to put on make up and do your hair

44. Cook favourite meal, go out for dinner or order in, whichever is a treat for you

45. Flowers or a plant

46. Funny pictures or YouTube videos

47. Journaling or doodling with your favourite pens

48. Daily writing prompts

49. Call, Skype or visit with a friend or family member

50. Do a daily random act of kindness

51. Create a holiday bucket list with all the traditions and activities that matter most to you around the holidays

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