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As a mom with 8-year old twin girls, I’m starting to think about how I want to teach them about their bodies. I want them to know about how their bodies work, how to look after them, what is normal and when to get help, and how to be strong and healthy young women. I want them to have the information they need before they need it so there are no surprises and so they know what to expect as their bodies change through puberty. I want them to be advocates for their own wellbeing, which means they need to know how their bodies work. Knowledge is power! Of course, I also want them to learn about healthy relationships and intimacy, but I don’t think the biology and the emotional pieces need to be presented together. 

Through my studies in holistic nutrition and my own research to understand my body, I’ve realized how little women are taught about their bodies. Sure, in school we learned the names of the different parts of our anatomy, and how babies are made, but most of those discussions were blurred by the underlying message that we were learning about these topics because they were related to sex. The class was called Sex Ed, right? We learned about the uterus and how it was a place to grow a baby, we didn’t learn what to do with it if we didn’t have children or outside of the 18 months we weren’t pregnant! I didn’t have access to a course about that taught me how my body works, why it works the way it does, and how to take care of it.

[email protected] Girls

I had the opportunity to review the Fit2B Girls e-course last week, and I’m thrilled. Fit2B Girls will definitely be one of the tools I will use to teach my daughters about their bodies. This e-course covers topics I’ve only recently explored as I’ve learned more about hormones and how they affect mood, energy, and diet, and as I lived through two pregnancies and the changes they’ve had on my body.

While my daughter don’t need to have all the information the Fit2B Girls course provides right now, we can start to explore it gradually or as question arise. Since the material is broken down by topic, and each topic is presented by an expert in that area (naturopath, physical therapists, midwives), we can watch, read and discuss a bit at a time.


What to expect

The Fit2B Girls e-course includes notes for the parent, mentor or guide who is encouraged to review the material with the girl(s) and there are videos, suggestions for discussion topics, and activities (word searches and mad libs). The idea is to watch this with the girl in your life and discuss what you learn, and be prepared to learn yourself!

If you are worried about having “the talk” with your girl, you can relax. All the information is presented in a direct manner, with acknowledgement that some of the topics may be uncomfortable or new to the girls. The program uses anatomical terms and factual information to educate and support girls about their bodies. Fit2B Girls highlights that the female body is unique and that knowing about our bodies is important so we can be healthy. The Fit2B Girls presents information about how girls bodies are made and how they work. It doesn’t talk complicate the information by comparing girls and boys or by assuming that discussing the parts of the body will lead to sexual activity.

Fit2B Girls covers the following topics, but I hear there are a few more lessons coming soon:

  • fashion and skin care
  • bowel and bladder health
  • female anatomy
  • charting your cycle
  • period products
  • sports and periods
  • mental wellness
  • fitness and alignment
  • charting your cycle
  • the first GYN visit



Is this course right for me?

The Fit2B Girls e-course is aimed at girls 9-14. I encourage you to review the material to see whether it is relevant to your girl right now. I don’t think my girls are quite ready to sit down and watch any of the lessons, but I’ve already used some of the ideas I got from reviewing the program with them. My daughters are both quite active and I shared some of information about how much time young girls should spend training (1 hour for every year of their age).

Even if the girls in your life are older than 14, I suspect there are new pieces of information they could learn from the course, whether they watch with you or someone else.

The Fit2B Girls course can be a tool you draw on when you don’t have the knowledge, language or comfort in explaining something to the girl in your life. If your life is like mine, you don’t have the time to be an expert on every topic. For example, are you up-to-date on the different period products your girl might consider or do you use the same product you’ve been comfortable with for years? It can also be a starting point for conversations. If you notice your girl’s friends are starting to wear more grown up clothing, this might be an opportunity to watch the lesson about fashion and discuss what styles appeal to her and how she can express them through her clothing choices. 

While the target audience for Fit2B Girls is obviously girls, I’d love to see dads and boys also review parts of the course to have a better understanding of the girls they love or the women they may love.  Imagine a boy who can talk openly with his girlfriend about hormonal cycles or a dad who can offer suggestions for pain relief during his daughter’s period.

You can purchase Fit2B Girls here. It is currently on sale for $29.99 USD, which is a great price!  It would cost you more than this to buy a couple of books on this topic.

This post contains affiliate links. I was given early access to the material in exchange for my review. The opinions expressed here are solely based on my review of the material.

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