60 Second Mood Boosters:A Self-Care Card Deck for Moms on the Go 

I’m not going to lie – I am pretty excited. I’ve had this idea in my mind for years! I started jotting down notes for this idea in 2016. Over the last few months, I’ve been working on taking the idea and making it into a beautiful tool for you to use just in time for the busy holiday season!

60 Second Mood Boosters:
A Self-Care Card Deck for Moms on the Go

As a busy mom, I often finding myself going, going, going. I don’t have much time to stop and do things for me.


I’d love to fit in a regular yoga class, or massage, or coffee with friends into my schedule, but I can’t do this often. And certainly not every day. But, especially when we’re busy, daily self-care is SO important to our mood and wellbeing.

I had to find ways to add things to my day that nourished my body and reduced stress so I could be sure I was operating from a full-ish cup. I realized that I needed quick strategies to help me stop, reconnect and renew my energy. Sometimes all I have is a minute or two.

That’s where I got the idea for these cards. I need quick strategies at my fingertips, and other moms have told me they need the same thing.

Each card in the deck has a mood boosting activity you can do in about 60 seconds. They are designed for busy moms, like you.

60-second mood boosters: A Self-Care Deck for moms on the go

There are lots of ways you can incorporate these cards into your life.

🌟 You can print them out and take them with you on the go.

🌟 Put them by your desk or your bed to use in the morning or at night.

🌟 Try drawing a card to start your day off with a moment of self-care.

I like to draw just before the kids get home from school to help me prepare for the crazy after-school routine.

When you nourish your body, connect with your whole self, and listen to your inner knowing, you can begin to have more energy, enjoy life, and feel good again.

Download your free card deck below. I suggest you print these colourful cards on cardstock, so they are sturdy and last longer.

60 second mood boosters


Self Care Card Deck

for Moms on the go!


Simple ways to nourish your body and reduce stress.

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