A Confession The first couple of days back at school, I didn’t take my supplements in the morning. There was too much mother-work necessary to get three kids to the bus on time. I told myself I would take my supplements at lunchtime, but that wasn’t part of my regular routine and I forgot. The truth is, that for the last couple of weeks, taking my supplements was taking too much time and effort, so I didn’t do it. That’s my confession: I have supplement fatigue. What’s supplement fatigue? It is the phrase I came up to describe how I feel unmotivated about taking so many supplements every day. There are days I just don’t take my supplements because I just don’t feel like opening all the containers and swallowing a handful of pills. As a holistic nutritionist, I periodically review my supplements to make sure I’m only taking what my body needs right now, but with my current health issues and my genetics, there are several supplements I need to take regularly. Of course, I know I feel better when I take my supplements, but sometimes, I still just want to be able to eat breakfast and go without digging through a bin full of bottles, opening all the lids and trying to avoid spilling any on the floor.   My Solution Today, I decided that I needed to figure out a way to take my supplements regularly so I would be at my best to manage my work, my family and my self-care. I needed a way to organize my supplements so they would be easy to take.  I’ve looked a pill organizers before, but they are too small for what I take every day, it is hard to squish the vitamins in to the containers, and getting them out again is hard too. IMG_2081 I settled on silicone mini-muffin cups. I already use these to to distribute vitamins for my children, so I know they are the right size and easy to fill. IMG_2080 When they were filled, I stacked the mini-muffin cups in a glasslock container. I filled 13 days worth of supplements this morning – 12 went in the container and I took one right away.   IMG_2078 I could have fit another layer of supplements on top, but I ran out of a couple.  Bonus: this process gives me lots of warning when I’ll need to shop for refills. The Results I can be reasonably certain I’ll take my vitamins for most of the next two weeks. By then I’ll have the refills I need and I can portion out 18 days next time. That will be almost three weeks without having to open all the vitamin containers. I hope this is the end of my supplement fatigue issues! Do you have supplement fatigue? How do you make sure you take your supplements every day?